Helpful tips and recommendations to support you in IBD care

In this section we'll be providing useful resources to support learning and help you in practice, including information and expert tips on guidelines and recommendations, knowledge checks, expert-led basic science overviews and patient explainers. Watch this space for updates!

IBD guidance and recommendations library

We’ve collated helpful guidelines, guidance pieces, and consensus recommendations from scientific associations and patient organisations, so that you can find them all in one place, with links to easily access these resources online.

Involving patients with IBD in shared decision-making 

Listen to Professor Mathurin Fumery’s thoughts on the benefits of shared decision making in IBD and how the use of validated tools, such as the IBD Disk, can help in this process. For more thoughts on the importance of open discussions with patients with IBD, check out ideas from IBD clinical nurse specialists Aileen Fraser and Kay Greveson on our Hot topics page. 

IBD knowledge check - test yourself and explore

Test your knowledge of IBD and its impact on patients by answering our questions below. Each question focusses on a different aspect of IBD and shows you where you can explore the topic in greater detail on our website.

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We value your insights

Thank you for voting in our poll on the topic that would be most interesting to you as an expert-led basic science overview. Later in the year, we will be bringing you ‘Back to basics: microbiology for gastroenterologists’.

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