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What to watch out for at ECCO 2021: Expert tips from Professor Charlie Lees

Professor Charlie Lees of the University of Edinburgh summarises what he’ll be looking out for at this year’s ECCO 2021 congress.

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Breaking the silence on IBD with Galapagos on World IBD Day

In this article, we explore World IBD Day, and consider why it’s so important to effectively discuss and address the impact of IBD on patient quality of life.

Hot topics in UC from BSG Virtual Campus 2021

Keen to hear about some of the most interesting research on the unmet needs and treatment challenges of patients with ulcerative colitis? Read our summary below.

World IBD Day: raising awareness of the burden of IBD

We brought together leading IBD Clinical Nurse Specialists, Aileen Fraser and Kay Greveson, to discuss the importance of World IBD Day, and to provide their insights on the challenges patients with IBD face in their everyday lives.

How can healthcare professionals (HCPs) support patients with IBD?

IBD Clinical Nurse Specialists Aileen Fraser and Kay Greveson share their perspectives on how a strong HCP-patient relationship can optimise patient care in IBD, and give their thoughts on how they facilitate open patient conversations in their practices.

Use of telemedicine in IBD care

Hear Professor Charlie Lees reflecting on the recent growth of telemedicine in IBD care.

The role of emotional systems in change

Dr Alexa Duff discusses emotional detection and behavioural regulation systems, and how understanding these systems can help patients with IBD to make and accept changes in their lives.

Using emotional systems to support patients to make changes

Dr Alexa Duff discusses how healthcare professionals can use behavioural regulation systems in clinical practice to support patients with IBD to make changes.