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Optimising patient care

Exploring the idealised patient journey in IBD

Professor Charlie Lees considers the challenges and unmet needs that must be overcome to achieve the idealised patient journey in IBD. Want to keep learning about IBD pathophysiology and unmet needs? Check out the Exploring UC section to discover more.

Exploring patient expectations for remission

Dr Gareth Parkes and Dr Ana Gutiérrez discuss differences in remission goals between patients and healthcare professionals, and how to ensure that patient-important outcomes are considered. To gain more expert insights on how we can incorporate patient-important outcomes into IBD care, watch our videos on Holistically Approaching Remission (HAPPI-R) on our Hot topics page.

Advances in IBD management

How will a changing treatment landscape impact unmet needs in UC?

As part of our Galapagos-sponsored symposium at ECCO, Professor Alessandro Armuzzi and Dr Tim Raine discuss how treatment innovations will impact unmet needs in UC. To find out more about Galapagos-sponsored expert events, check out our Events page.

Looking to the future
of IBD care

Hear Professor Charlie Lees talking to Dr Michael Smyth, Galapagos UK Medical Director about his research interests and the current unmet needs in IBD.

What will the next 5 years hold in IBD management?

Professor Charlie Lees summarises what we might expect from the next
5 years in IBD management.

Perspectives in IBD: expert interviews

We’ve been speaking with UK experts in gastroenterology to gain their thoughts on latest research,
unmet needs, and considerations for optimising care of patients with IBD.

Dr Peter Irving discusses unmet needs in UC

Galapagos UK Medical Advisor Claire Hamilton caught up with Dr Peter Irving, Consultant Gastroenterologist, on the main issues affecting patients with IBD in the UK.

Professor Charlie Lees considers the future of IBD care

Galapagos UK Medical Director Dr Michael Smyth spoke with Professor Charlie Lees, Consultant Gastroenterologist, on his research interests and the future of IBD care. Download the article, or watch the interview above.

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